Waterspout nearly flips car!

Location: Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand

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  • Tornado

This day we observed a storm moving up the coast from the Ashburton River mouth, we sighted a waterspout forming offshore and various lightning strikes.

As the circulation that was the water spout came onto land it went over the top of Steven Burrows car and violently chugged the car up and down nearly flipping it, thankfully this area of circulation then dissipated. A bit too close to the storm perhaps!

The last of the 3 photo’s below shows the circulation that is the waterspout in the middle in the distance, if you go up on an angle slightly to the right you can see the circulation in the cloud above, not the pointy cloud, more the broader round smooth one just to the left of the pointy cloud.

And here is a nice Cg, although a bit distant.