Heavy isolated thundery showers in North Canterbury

Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Heavy Rain

With a high (anticyclone) about to move in no one thought thunderstorms were even a possibility but some heavy showers with hail, thunder and lightning did happen. I’m a bit lazy so got up late at around 10:00am (well maybe not so late), unbeknown to me torrential rain and hail had been falling in Amberley about 42 km up the coast while I was asleep at around 8.30am! I wish I had of got up because outside I could of seen a nice big Cb to photograph but now I’ll never know. A rainfall rate of up to 81mm per hour was recorded in Amberley which is very heavy for Canterbury.

Steven Graham in Templeton just SW of Chch had heavy rain, strong winds, hail and thunder at about 11:00am from a cell that had come up the coastline a little later in the morning, here’s a few pics from Templeton of some heavy rain / small hail and some mammatus from the back of a Cb. Note the road side gutters overflowing with water.

Photo’s taken by Steven Graham

Humble old me here in Southshore got no thunder, lightning or hail and had to settle for some ok heavyish rain plus some cloud structure which wasn’t great but I took a few pics anyway.

After the main Cb’s went through I noticed this nice looking front behind me spanning in an east to west fashion across the Canterbury Plains.

Weather Maps

1800z 7/2/2004
0000z 8/2/2004