Canterbury storm outbreak, Part 2

Location: Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Thunderstorm
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  • Lightning

After the storms on the 15th November storms fired again the next day this time more along the coast. I was meant to write a report at the time many moons ago when this happened however I unfortunately never got around to it, I didn’t get to go out and chase these storms however I took some pictures from work in town. I remember seeing some cloud to ground lightning strikes above the port hills on this day. I went back and had a read over the archived NZ Weather Forum posts and it did refresh my memory somewhat, I do remember the dew point being rather low, makes sense with the storms being quite coastal which can be seen clearly on the modis satellite picture. Still have the pictures I took from the day so here they are for all to see, not amazing by any means but we take what we can get in New Zealand thunderstorm wise. Would’ve been better if I was out of the city and nearer the coast south of the peninsula for these storms but surely enough they will happen again.

Jason Tippet in Kaiapoi also took some photos this day.

Weather Maps

1800z 15/11/2004
0000z 16/11/2004
0600z 16/11/2004